JUVAT Tilburg Law School Alumni Association

Welcome to the JUVAT website. JUVAT is the Alumni Association of the Tilburg Law School and has over a thousand members. JUVAT purports to provide fora for Tilburg Law alumni to meet and increase their mutual networks. Thereto, JUVAT sets out to keep its members informed of what is going on back at our common alma mater.

Graduated from Tilburg Law School and living/going to live outside off the Netherlands? Become a stay-in-contact-member!

What’s in it for you?

- no fee
(stay-in-contact-members do not receive JUVAT publications and are only entitled to participate in JUVAT activities in the Netherlands after paying the annual fee.)
- receive the Tilburg Law School International Alumni E-Newsletter (in English)*
- get invited to lectures by Tilburg law professors visiting your home country*
- get assistance from the Tilburg Law School in organising network activities in your home country*

How to become a stay-in-contact-member?

To register as a stay-in-contact-member, complete the registration form and tick the box at 'JUVAT' under alumni associations. If you add an address outside of the Netherlands you will be automatically registered as a stay-in-contact-member in our administration.

Once a member, make sure to update your e-mail address.

* For these activities JUVAT depends on the Tilburg Law School. Being a JUVAT member is one way to ensure that the Law School will be able to keep you informed.